Iolinker Boards


Super compact, low cost and very powerful dev kit for the JI11x-81L chips — ready to be plugged onto your PCB designs!

Further product info will follow soon.


Our Arduino shield and level shift adapter for the JI11x-81L-B FPGA boards:

(Never mind the wrong ISP connector, it's fixed in the final release.)

Further product info will follow soon.

Board overview

Ordering CodeBoard descriptionGPIO countInterfaceMax. VCCIO
(Supply voltage up to 5V)
JI111-81L-BBreakout board49UART3.3V
JI112-81L-BBreakout board49SPI3.3V
JI113-81L-BBreakout board49I2C3.3V
JI114-81L-BBreakout board49UART3.3V
JI115-81L-BBreakout board49SPI3.3V
JI116-81L-BBreakout board49I2C3.3V
JI11x-81L-LVLArduino shield / Level shift adapter495V

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