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Not just a low cost FPGA board. THE ultimate IO interface for your Arduino & others.

Hi! We are building something cool, that will reduce waste and make industrial and DIY electronics projects become more fun and faster to develop. Use your influence and share, because people will listen.

Thank you so much and enjoy your day!
— Julian

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Full of features. Full of possibilities.

Demonstrational schematic for the iolinker chip application

Develop faster.
Develop more thoroughly.
Shorten prototype expenses with schematics in software, ideal for good version control.
Create more flexible bus interfaces.
Develop IO intensive applications quickly.
Integrate automatic self tests in your hardware.
Don't throw away hardware, but change the schematic in your software.

Pure beauty in hardware.

Pure beauty in software.

Use our open source library on GitHub to integrate iolinker boards into your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PC application or something entirely different — within minutes.

#include <IOLinker.h>

IOLinker iolinker;

void setup() {
    Serial.begin(IOLINKER_BAUDRATE); // Use Serial1 on Arduino Leonardo!
    while (!Serial) {
            ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for Leonardo only

    /* Connect to iolinker */

    /* P1 and P2 are outputs, P3 to P49 are inputs */
    iolinker.setPinType(IOLinker::IOLINKER_OUTPUT, 0);
    iolinker.setPinType(IOLinker::IOLINKER_OUTPUT, 1);
    iolinker.setPinType(IOLinker::IOLINKER_INPUT, 2, 48);

    /* Set P1 and P2 high */
    iolinker.setOutput(true, 0, 1);

    /* Output a PWM signal on P1 */
    iolinker.pwm(50, 0);

    /* Connect P2 to P3 */
    iolinker.link(2, 1);

Don't wanna write code?

Use the iolinker designer for code generation. It all happens automatically, and creates C++ or Bash sources for you.
Soon available open source for live configuration on Raspberry Pis!

iolinker designer



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